Eternal Relationship between Tamil Matrimony & Gold

Tradition & culture of any state is reflected in the behaviour of the people and the marriages that happen in the region. Gold Jewelry has significant importance in TamilMatrimony. Tamil wedding is a complete package of rituals. Tamil bride wears attractive gold jewelry at all rituals which are a symbol of richness and prosperity. In Tamil Nadu, we can see that everyone wear gold in some form.

Tamil wedding is elegant and planned very traditionally. They must follow all wedding rituals with the religious sentiments and bridal jewelry is the focus point of any Tamil Matrimony. In a Tamils, Bridal jewelry is considered encouraging for bridal health and wealth and it is also regarded as a financial backup in case of any severe emergency in life. So they know the actual value of gold in their life, that’s why they invest in gold during the wedding.

Traditionally, Indian Matrimony/wedding is one of the moments where people buy gold to show the enrichment and this will also show the economic level of the family.

Tamil Bridal Jewelry Includes

Toe Ring: Metti is made of silver or gold and worn in the second or third finger from the toe.

Toe Ring: Metti is made of silver or gold and worn in the second or third finger from the toe.

Hip Belt: also known as Oddiyanam worn around the hip and made from the gold and it also holds the heavy drape silk sari.

Armlets: its v shape gold jewelry worn on both arms and believed to invoke romance in the hearts of the couple.

Maanga Malai: It is a necklace of mango shaped with the stone studded, It is long in the length that worn on the chest just above the navel.

Nose Ring: it can be small with the one stone or bigger one with the multiple small stones. Mostly The bride wore a heavy nose ring.

Earrings: It is a bridal choice what kind of earring they like, but the bridal look is incomplete is without earrings.

Thalaisamaan: It is sun or moon shape jewelry worn on the forehead.

Jadanagam: is worn on the braided hair and made from gold, diamonds and rubies.

These pieces of jewelry are an essential item of any Tamil wedding for the bride. All these Jewelry put together to complete the looks of a Tamil bride and adding dash of grace, royalty and beauty. 

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